Thursday, September 8, 2016


Welcome to my blog.  Over the next 9 months I will be posting about how freedom played a significant role in American history.  As I go through American history with my class, I will be updating this blog analyzing how this theme correlates with the topics we are discussing in class.  I have chosen this theme because many people find associate America and freedom together and so I felt it would be easy.  I also feel that freedom is big part in American history making it an important topic to cover. 

I was asked to analyze an article on my topic by my teacher.  So the article was essentially trying to figure out the meaning of freedom.  In trying to explain this, they broke it up into three relevant groups.  Political and economic freedom, personal financial freedom, and freedom from the social matrix.   Political and economic freedom was described as not living in a jurisdiction that is occupied militarily or economically, and as a society that presents absolute freedom of speech from economic tyranny.  Personal financial freedom was described as being free to of externally imposed schedules, and having "the courage to act and venture out on our own".  To be free of social matrixes is to be free of influence of individual people and social conventions. to be free of a society in which constantly pressures its inhabitants to act or be a certain way.  Overall I believe that this article has a good definition of freedom.  It covers political freedom and social freedom which I feel are a very large portion of our government today.


  1. Terrific link, exactly what I was looking for. I really like the part about mental freedom, though what jumped out at me the most was his discussion of financial freedom. Student debt is inhibiting young people's freedom of choice in an unprecedented way, hopefully something can be done about that.

    Just two formatting things: go into edit your post, highlight the link with your cursor and push "link". It'll help your readers follow the link. Also, you have two blogrolls for 4th block.

  2. I loved your post! Not only was the link very informative, but you analyzed it so well stressing your opinion! I completely agree with you! If the United States is gonna be the land of the free, shouldn't their habitants be free to express who they really are, and not fear for their safety and the judgment of others. We can only hope that with the years to come people clear their ignorance and learn to become accepting and let others truly be free. I can't wait till your next post!

  3. The article you chose was great for your topic. You gave your opinion, but you werent too biased. great job! :)